Shane & Shane Concert @ Princeton

Sunday night we went to see Shane and Shane in concert at Princeton.

Not sure what this building was. Princeton is full of this kind of architecture.

Jon and Arial in front of the Princeton Publishing House.

Long gone is old Princeton and the likes of BB Warfield and John Hodge.

Somewhere in the Princeton graduate building.

The Princeton cafeteria. Not bad for cafeteria food!

Looking towards the graduate school of Princeton.

The Peking Room

I really enjoyed the concert. Shane and Shane were amazing muscians! It was a unique concert in that it was right in the middle of the Princeton campus. This was one concert where I was not ashamed by what was said or the way they presented themselves. I didn’t feel like I was there to see a show but to worship God and to think on what he has done and who he is.

Lancaster & Fishing

Jon Kanz and I went fishing near Ephrata near Lancaster. It was a beautiful area although we didn’t catch any fish. Actually Jon caught one… almost forgot.

Mr Allen, our Greek teacher, showed us a place one morning before classes started. It wasn’t a good morning for fishing as the canal was nearly flooded. I managed to land one. I didn’t get a picture of it but it was a 16″ Dolly varden and weighed 6 lbs… I nearly lost my rod… hemm

New York – condensed

Well, I haven’t done very well at posting these days. But now that exams are pretty much over, I might a get a few more up. I just have one more from New York that I kind of like. Missy has a bunch on her site and you probably already know where to find that.