I wrote this up in August and never did post it.

I stopped to fill up my bike with gas and all but a few gallons of it immediately drained out of the carburetor ports.

A fellow from Jamaica came along in an old pick-up and offered to load up the bike and give me a ride home… I was on Memorial and 4th.

Right about the time we got the bike loaded, a police cruiser drove up and began to question my friend. Apparently, someone had reported him for dumping in an alleyway… maybe they thought that was what we were doing with my bike… Though my bike is way too nice to be mistaken that way.

Anyway, on our way to my house, this fellow, probably in his 40’s, asked me if I wanted to make some real money? I asked him how so? Half expecting something to do with drugs.

“Yo man, what would you say if I told you that I’ve seen an angel and that he gave me a picture of a battle between the Lion of Judah and the Dragon?

“Hmm…?” I said. “Have you read the book of Daniel?”
“Oh, yeah, totally. this stuff is strait out of book of Daniel and Revelation.”
“So you believe in angels then?”

“Ohh yeah,” and he began to tell me about a vision he had.

“It was the most amazing thing. Like falling thousands of feet through air and landing in a huge bed of feather’s… my body tingled from the spine to my forehead and the most amazing feeling of peace… it changed my life…”

We spoke some of angels, the end times and future judgment…
By that time we were at my house so I invited him inside. He set up his computer and showed me his picture, which he wanted me to show to professors at the U of C.

It was a sky full of clouds – pretty cool looking clouds.

lol, each day has its own surprises… and opportunities.