Death by a 1000 nibbles

Back in the first century, Ignatius injected himself into enough political debates that he wound up getting eaten by lions at the Coliseum.  But no doubt tut-tutting NPR listeners would have deplored the way the Church had injected itself into live theater.  Ignatius’s successor bishops have opted for an ignobler end, agreeing to be nibbled to death by Leviathan.  Mark Styn in the National Review


My niece is a little dare devil.  She likes to stand on my knees and lean backwards as far as she can – a big smile on her face…   The faith of a child is a precious thing. 

And what if I let her go?

It would be better to have a great millstone tied around my neck and be thrown into the depths of the sea than to cause one of these little ones to stumble…  Those words are both tender and harsh at the same time.  Tender towards children and harsh towards those who would harm them.  Strange how, in the name of progressiveness and liberalism, we have gotten that completely switched around now.