I am in Shenzhen now and thought I would put up a few pictures.

Mr. Chen is on the left. He is developing the tooling for us. And then myslef, Bruce, our main contact in Shenzhen and Kevin Lau who has been a great help in crossing cultural and language barriers.

An example of the tooling used to create the castings.

A couple examples of the castings.
Very exciting!

Talk is cheap!

Joseph Reed writes of the cowardice shown by many ‘patriots’ after suffering the crushing defeat on Long Island in 1776,

“When I look round, and see how few of the numbers who talked so largely of death and honor are around me, and that those who are here are those from whom it was least expected… I am lost in wonder and surprise…Your nosiy sons of liberty are, I find, the quitest in the field… An engagement, or even the expectation of one gives a wonderful insight into character.”

Talk is cheap.