Censorship in Czarist Russia and Canada

From the Diary of John Korb, a secretary of the Austrian legation at the court of Peter the Great:

11th July, 1698.— The wife of a diak {i.e. a chancery secretary) happening to pass in front of the gibbet that was erected in front of the Czar’s castle of the Kremlin in the late rebellion, compassioning the fate of those that she beheld hanging there, inadvertently exclaimed, “Alas ! what mortal knows whether you were guilty or innocent?” These words were repeated to another person, who forthwith denounced them to the Boyars as an indubitable indication of treason.

A woman’s pity for condemned and public criminals was deemed dangerous. So she was forthwith dragged up, along with her husband, to an examination. Now, when it was proved that there was nothing more in question than unreflecting and womanly compassion for the unfortunate, and that there was no trace of deliberate malice, they were indeed exempted from the penalty of death, but nevertheless condemned to exile. Thus thoughtless and guileless liberty of the tongue is chastised where subjects are coerced to obey through fear alone.


Premier Doug Ford, like his counterpart here in Alberta, is a spineless political hack who fired one of his staffers, Marion Isabeau-Ringuette, for donating to the trucker convoy after she was doxxed by the CBC. In doing so, Doug Ford bowed to the boyars at the CBC and their czarist masters. Featuring prominently in this shameful chapter of Canadian history are the conservative premiers and MP’s who sat idly by while Trudeau ran roughshod over their constituents. One wonders if they have any convictions or principles at all? Or do they think that people protesting the perpetual forced injections of an experimental substance really are terrorists? Not even Peter the Great, who made sport of pulling out the perfectly good teeth of his subjects, would have dared to attempt what our Dear Leaders have done in the past two years. And Peter was a satanist.

A collection of teeth pulled by Peter the Great, many of which were perfectly healthy. From the Kunstkammer Wien.

Manitoba MP, Raquel Dancho, is clearly an exception.

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