Close Encounter with a Tent

I was just looking through photo’s the other day and found this one from a camping trip this summer with Jon Kontz. There was a bear warning for the area so we were a little on edge in the first place. After setting up camp, we went down to the river to get some water. On the way back we came across this… You might have to enlarge the photo to see it.

It looked like a half eaten deer carcass. I am not sure what is worse, coming across a mother bear with her cub or interrupting a bear from its meal! I saw a fight once from an old discovery channel show, between a wolverine and a bear over a kill and it wasn’t nice. Anyway, we had to get back to camp so we kept moving. Turns out, it was an old red and brown tent caught in the bushes! Worried for nothing!

Jon is in France now and just getting into language study at a university there. He just got his blog up and running… You can check it out

3 thoughts on “Close Encounter with a Tent”

  1. hey buddy thanks for the props..

    I think you should come and go hiking in the alps with me. My house is surrounded by them and they are magnificent. I will send you some pictures maybe. How are you? I still have yet to respond to your email. PBU decided I wasn’t a student and disabled my account for a while but it is better now.

  2. yo dude the coffee here is unreal. it will blow your top. It is as strong as the stuff that we make when we are camping but it actually tastes good and not like mud. It makes the memory of American coffee watery and thin and rancid… get the picture. Yo you got your number handy for me?



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