Happy Thanksgiving

You may have thought that gratitude comes from the heart but according to this MSNBC report, scientists now think that thankfulness has its source in our genes. Science aside, I cannot personally think of a more callous report to make at Thanksgiving time or a more sure way to rob the holiday of its festivity. But the march of modernism must continue until the spirit of man is crushed and destroyed! Let there be no mistake oh you superstitious masses, you are programmed to do good because if you do good then you will be more successful and more likely to pass on your ‘goodness’ genes to your progeny.


Serving turkey sandwiches to the poor one day out 365 could very well be explained by evolution… but true selfless love cannot be explained so easily. For these Berkley scientist’s it does not exist. As the school teacher / sociologist said to a group of kindergartners, “The big question is, what makes people happy?”

But true love does not have its source in man but in God. And neither does joy. I have seen this sacrificial love and joy in the lives of others. Their testimony speaks much more strongly than any scientific paper.

Just as a final note, one has to wonder how they get away with calling it science? How can one possibly falsify their conclusions?

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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