How did this evolve?

In bio class today we got into glycolosis. It is an incredibly complex process that I don’t understand at all… see chart!

At the end of class, after having described this incredibly complex process, the prof asked us a question.
“I want you to think about this and consider, How did this evolve?”
Good question!
I was looking forward to hearing his explanation but he just left it at that and moved on.
I wonder how many of my class mates actually did stop to think about it. We have spent quite a bit of time already on chemical and biological evolution and sadly, I think most have accepted it as an incontrovertable fact. Certainly that is the way it is has been presented so far.

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  1. i can totally relate to standing on a soap box and preaching to the choir. six day creation for a sunday school class? no problem! but will i stand up for what the Bible says with that geology student who says it can’t be true…or w/ my coworkers?


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