Here is a explanation of ‘kipparot’ by one of the rabbis on campus. Ive tried to define a few of the terms that he uses:

Slichot: prayers offered to prepare the heart to repent on erev yom kippur (eve of Day of Atonement)

Kipparot: a ceremony symbolizing atonement in which a chicken is waved over head 3 times

Tshuva: repentance

Rabbi Karo: wrote one of the definitive commentaries on the Mishnah in the 1500’s.

Mitzvot: commandments

2 thoughts on “Kipparot”

  1. He understands and uses the concept of substitution, but seems to miss the point that a bird cannot be considered an equal substitute for a man. We something of our same value…or greater…to pay our sin penalty. A chicken will not do…though it may picture what is necessary.

  2. From what I have seen, atonement is not at the heart of Judaism but is an awkward leftover from the days of the temple whereas atonement is uniquely at the heart of the Gospel.


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