Klink on Relationships

So I got hooked on Hogans Heroes while at school (thanks Jon). In the show, Colonel Klink is notorious for his inability with women (except for the General sister) There is only one time I have ever seen Klink manage to win a girls heart so I thought it might be worth studying his method.

Colonel Klink: You have the most beautiful eyes.

Girl: Danke herr Commandant

Colenel Klink: hahaha you can just call me Commandant

Girl: OK Commandant

Colonel Klink: Now lets see, where were we…

Girl: My eyes.

Colonel Klink: Your eyes sparkle like 33 millimeter anti aircraft shells bursting in the dark night sky…

Girl: ahhh

So here is a bit of Hogans Trivia… What was Shultz’s occupation before he was conscripted?

3 thoughts on “Klink on Relationships”

  1. you just made my day with this post. thanks Andrew.

    And no, I won’t be French and ask for my money back, but as a gesture of good faith, you could swing me one of those lenses? haha, jk. I think it is fixable actually, I’m going to take it into Walmart and see if they will give me a new one. Where did you get it?

    It stopped working and so i tried to force the thingy and then another thingy went crack and now i can see certain things I shouldn’t see, and things I want to see I can’t. I guess I just cant win for losing.



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