I like this. Can’t say I’ve ever been a reggae fan but this is different somehow… Reggae – Hassidic style… : )

A few weeks ago I attended a Torah study in Calgary. It was an interesting experience. For one, I learned that it isn’t kosher to enter a synagogue without a kippa. I guess I should have known that but somehow, being in Canada, I forgot. Someone kindly provided me with one.

One of the things that caught my attention were some of the similar questions that were asked by the people attending the study to those that I have heard asked at school and elsewhere. For example, one lady asked why God refers to himself in the plural. The rabbi answered that it was perhaps because God was modest… He said he would have to refer to his books for a better answer. The study is in Genesis, yet in the curriculum, there is no mention of the Fall whatsoever. I think this study comes from a Kabbalist perspective (Chabad Lubavitch which is the same sect of Judaism that Matisyahu comes out of). I would have liked to have heard what the Rabbi thought of Gen. 3:14.

I am grateful for the richness of meaning and clarity that Jesus has brought to the Old Testament Scriptures. It would be awesome to hear Matisyahu rap about that.

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