Menonnites flee Quebec

Quebecs only group of Mennonites is leaving Quebec. Why? Because they have a school in which reading, writing, math, science, geography, social sciences and music is taught… but not in accord with the official Quebec school curriculum. The Mennonites disagree with the curriculum on these points: Its emphasis on evolution, the morality standards it promotes and the acceptance of what is deemed ‘alternative lifestyles’. Quebecs Minister of Education, Francois Lefebvre, defends the decision too shut down the school,

“We are not trying to prevent them from living their life the way they want, but they have to obey the law when it comes to educating their kids,”

…as though the way we educate our kids has nothing to do with our lifestyles!

The province has threatened legal proceedings that could lead to “children being taken from their parents.” Welcome to the new and tolerant world.

3 thoughts on “Menonnites flee Quebec”

  1. Yikes! This reminds me of the homeschooling situation in Germany (see article below). Germany, though, has “progressed” earlier and further than Quebec. Kudos, Germany. Not. Doesn’t it seems ironic that French Canada would be following in the footsteps of Germany (see Wikipedia entry below)? Hmm…

    1. Germany Continues Targeting Homeschoolers: Group of Baptist Families Face Possible Loss of Children to State (WorldNetDaily)
    2. French-German Enmity (Wikipedia)

  2. Wow! I had no idea it was like that in Germany! That statement by the German official is truly frightening. Yep, we are headed down the same path, driven by a new understanding of tolerance.

    Everything is ok except the view that not everything is ok…


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