Minny’s roadtrip – Day 2

Beach, ND – I’m not sure how it got this name!

From the top of a butte somewhere in ND

The largest metal sculpture in the world… they say. I’m not sure if I get it. It looks like an eye with birds flying through it???

Paradiso’s Mexiacan food – Fargo, ND

This must be the biggest Blue Heron in the world.

Minny eyeing her dream machine, a Honda Civic with pink trim.

To be continued… : )

1 thought on “Minny’s roadtrip – Day 2”

  1. Hey Andrew,

    I took that same picture last summer–the one in ND of the large metal sculpture! I drove through there on my way to (and from) Big Sky Montana last June.

    So, you’re back in the US now?

    It’s been years, man, I’d love to catch up sometime.

    Tim (digits)
    10,810 days


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