Miracles and Evidence

Paraphrased from Sir Robert Anderson “The Silence of God”:

Like Nicodemus, we cannot reason our way into the Kingdom of God. We must be born again.

Peter, an apostle of Christ, and acquainted with the miraculous, wrote “we are born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.” It is through the divine Word that we come to know God.

Revelation validates miracles and not vice versa. The apostle Paul wrote, even if an angel from heaven should speak a different Gospel, let him be cursed!

The evidence of miracles is subordinate to the testimony of Scripture.

The evidential value of revelation; an analogy:

An undercover agent is sent on a mission into a foreign country on a mission. His instructions are that he is to enter the country and await an envoy who will provide him with the details of his mission. How is he to know whether the envoy is credentialed? The agent is given a piece of paper that has been torn in half. The envoy will carry the other half.

Jesus is the anti-type to every type in the OT.

“The question, then, is not whether a revelation can be accredited by external evidence, but whether such evidence can avail to accredit a person whose coming has been foretold. And this no accurate thinker would for a moment dispute” A.T.R.

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