Night on the town

I went to a cultural show last night which was about the only thing I found to do in Shenzhen. This won’t do it justice but I caught a few clips of it on my camera.


After the show I spent over an hour looking for a place to eat. I found this little resturaunt overlooking ‘the ecological park’. The resturaunt was Nan Tien Coffee Language or something like that. I didn’t understand the name but the food was good and they had live music. I ordered stuffed chicken and got stuffed shrimp instead. They were the biggest shrimp I’ve ever seen but not big enough as there were only two of them… But the iced latte was good and so was the music.

Altogether an interesting evening.

I have been grabbing lunch at a small Japanese resturaunt down the road. There is only one thing I ordered off of this menu. Not very adventurous I guess.

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