2 thoughts on “Psalm 51”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    It was nice meeting you. I have also enjoyed exchanging few ideas and beautiful texts.
    I regret I have not read your paper Psalm 51 – Confession while you where here, it would be interesting to discuss few statements.
    The analysis you have done, for me, who is not a theologist, is a very deep research, which could answered few general and personal questions. In addition, your paper provokes me to read more in connection to gender equalities and freedom.
    I was much impressed with an Introduction – the big piece of work by itself!
    I really appreciate your willingness to share your research, and I am looking forward reading more.
    It might turn into a daily routine 🙂 I think, it will give additional direction to my project ‘Lines of Reproduction’.

    Have safe trips whenever you travel with a quote
    ‘For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.’

    best wishes,
    svetlana atlavina
    artist from Wembley Park, London

    P.S. I have received by post my Master of Arts Printmaking certificate on 9th December 2019. Writing it to feel more confidence in my future research.

    • Hi Svetlana,
      Thanks for dropping the line! I had to leave early in the morning or I would have made a point to say goodbye. Thanks for your gracious hospitality and your comfortable lodging. I appreciate your feedback and welcome hearing from you with regards to what your are studying and researching. I look forward to seeing the prints you produce. Blessings, Andrew


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