Renovations at GS

We have been renovating the office. We added an addition to our loft and have set up desks below. Its been a big project! Here are a few pics.

Mitch is the foreman on the site since I got fired a while ago. I forgot to tell him that foremen are not supposed to work but sit in their trucks and drink coffee all day while pretending to talk on the phone. Now you know Mitch.

Jack volunteered to do our electrical work which is the most precise and quality electrical installation you will find anywhere.

How did we come to these colors? Les? Jim? Frog, Milan, our logo. Each had their influence. That and the fact that having stared at white walls for four years… well, something just kind of snapped.

Rod is the Director of the IT Department at GS… It is great being part of a small organization in that everyone of us gets to be director of something. Rod works for Wycliffe and comes out to give us a hand on Fridays. We would be stuck without him. He also brews a mean pot of coffee.

Jimu with the frog wall.

Dad and I have considered going into this full time. Might be alright.

Troy dusting the shelves… this is a new method.

We move desks tomorrow and I think the renovations are just about done… for now.

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