Tribal Jewellry For Sale!

Mom dug these out of the closet the other day. They brought back some difficult memories. Those that know me might be surprise to find out that one of my first business ventures was in ladies fashion accessories. I learned some valuable lessons from this experience.

1) stick to what you know
2) earrings the size of pie plates are out of style even if they are hand made by villagers on an exotic island from very cool turtle shell and mother of pearl.
3) the dream of instant riches as women crowd my booth at the flea market waving their wallets was… a dream.
4) the ladies fashion accessories industry is notoriously unpredictable
5) but that doesn’t matter because I had no way of predicting it anyway
5) stick to what you know

If anybody would like to buy some earrings from me, I have special price. : ) 50% discount or better… lol

3 thoughts on “Tribal Jewellry For Sale!”

  1. Who knew you had any eye for such things! I’m glad you’ve moved on to ventures better suited for you, but I am impressed nonetheless. Maybe I will drop by your office this week to shop! ~Les

  2. oh, dear. I remember that business venture, along with the clock business, the coffin business, even the little business when you made so many little shelves for the ladies at ITF, you were sick of them! Some successful, others… not so successful. It’s fun to talk about them though! 🙂 Love, Naomi


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