Urban Ministry – Chester

This weekend I attended an urban ministry conference in Chester, PA. (close to Philly)

Here are some pictures from Highland Gardens in Chester.

A typical unit in the hood. I heard that an empty lot in this area sold for 1000 USD.

Many houses are abandoned which creates many social problems. Imagine kids with nothing to do and no family to speak of having any number of empty houses to meet in and make trouble.

Some kids playing b-ball. Only 21 % of the families in Chester consist of a husband and wife living together. 32% are single mothers and the rest are classified as ‘non-families’… not sure what that means.

The ministry, World Impact is doing some good work in this area. The need is huge. It is the missionfield on our doorstep. You can check them out here: http://www.worldimpact.org/

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