Virtual Reality

Thought this was interesting:

So to put it in round numbers, over the next two decades, there is likely to be about a one-hundred fold increase in the amount of available computation capacity. Therefore, anything that can be done with computation will get significantly better, cheaper, and lighter. Robots and machines will become faster and more skillful. Mobile phones/computers will be lighter and have better screens. Cameras will be smaller and much more pervasive and the software for processing their images will be much more powerful. Games and movies will have much better and more realistic animation. Video-conferencing will be much higher quality.

In short, as the physical environment continues to slowly degrade, the virtual environment is likely to get much better. I imagine that will lead people to spend more and more time in the virtual environment.Source

Technology saves time and has raised the standard of living. We can be thankful for this but that last paragraph scares me a little. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to become a part of that trend. Although more subtle and less destructive than drugs, it is also more pervasive and difficult to resist.

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