Just been listening to an online sermon on the Carubber’s Mission website. They are in Edinburgh and are one of the few evangelical churches in that area. They have some great resources.

http://www.carrubbers.org >resources >sermons

You will have to download Real Player but it is worth it.

Just listened to a sermon by Eric John Scott called “Has Science Buried God?” He used a couple good illustrations that I want to remember. Here are some notes from the message…

Wife baked a cake and you invited friends over.

First one was a nutritionist who explains nutritional value of cake and how much weight you stand to gain by eating it.
Biochemist explains the structure of the fats and other molecules in the cake.
Chemist describes the basic elements of the cake and the chemical bonds that hold the together.
Physicist explains the fundamental particles that make up the cake.
Mathematician comes up with an elegant formula that explains the cohesion of the batter.

Now you have a profound understanding of the nature of the cake… But then you ask your friends, why is there cake? None of them have a clue… But they tell you that if you want to know why, there is one person who can answer this question. Ask your wife… who responds that it is your birthday.

The ‘why’ question cannot be answered by science.

You often hear that science has described natural mechanisms that have removed the need for belief in God…

But think of my Ford Focus – pretend that you drove a car into a remote country that had never seen a car before… They might think that it was powered by a god… maybe one named Ford… but then they begin to take the car apart and discover the working of the combustion engine etc, They find that the car is not powered by god at all but by an engine. Scientist often use this as an example of why religion has been made obsolete by science… But just because we understand how a Ford Focus works, does not negate the existence of a man name Henry Ford who designed and created the car.

Much of the science we hear today is really just materialism – a philosophy that states that all we can know about the natural world is what we gather from the senses. Questions of ‘why’ are not legit and shouldn’t be asked. Why should we not ask ‘why’? All of us ask it anyway. We can’t help but ask it! Monkeys don’t ask ‘why’ but we do. Why!!!?

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