Yagaso has passed away

As of today, December 16, around 2:15PM, dear old Yagaso is no longer with us.

She died very peacefully, which is significant in a culture that until recently has had no hope beyond the grave. The fact that she went peacefully was commented on by the tribal people to Miriam, who arrived at Yagaso’s home just minutes after she passed away.

Here is a recap of the last week of Yagaso’s life:

Sunday: Swelling begins to occur in Yagaso’s legs and feet, a sign that the end is near. Rich Foster, missionary to the Bena, had been teaching Yagaso in her home one-on-one. Beginning in Genesis, he had taught up to Abraham.

Monday: Realizing that her days were numbered, Rich and a tribal believer named Heti, taught on the story of Abraham and Isaac and how God provided a substitute for Isaac. They then shared how Jesus Christ is our substitute. Heti gave a very clear salvation message that day. God answered our prayers that Yagaso would have the strength to stay awake for this entire lesson. She listened intently, but was unable to verbally respond.

Tuesday to Thursday: Yagaso continues to decline.

Friday morning: Yagaso was sitting up and alert, so Rich taught another lesson, this time on Moses and the Passover, showing how Christ’s blood can cover us, just as the blood of the Passover Lamb covered the Israelites. This time, Yagaso answered all the review questions correctly, expressed that she understood and declared “Manaka” (it’s true!) several times.

Friday afternoon: Miriam and Emma visit Yagaso. She is unable to sit up or speak to us, although she knows we are there.

Sunday after lunch: Rich and Dawn Foster go to Yagaso’s house as the end was imminent. When they entered, she sat up for awhile, cried a few tears, but was unable to communicate with them. After she laid back down, she looked as though she wanted to say something a couple of times, and then died peacefully.

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