I just got this update from Rich and Dawn Foster, missionaries in the Bena tribe, (where we used to live). Yagaso is a very old lady who has always seemed very old. Somehow, by the grace of God, she has lived far beyond what is considered a normal lifespan in the Bena tribe. She is failing now but Rich Foster has been taking opportunities to teach her individually. It has been so neat to get these updates from the Fosters,

In our last update, we shared that Yagaso (yah-gah-so) was enjoying the teaching and looking forward to being taught. She is still with us, though her health continues to decline. She is, however, beginning to show signs that she is understanding some of the principles that are being taught instead of just being able to retell the story, so we are encouraged. Please continue to pray that God will give her understanding of what she is hearing and that He will prolong her life in order for her to put her trust in His finished work. The last lesson Rich taught her was the story of Noah. Rich has begun to accelerate the teaching and yesterday she was sleeping sitting up by the time the lesson was finished. Please pray that she will have the energy needed to listen to the lessons. We love this old woman dearly and we will miss her tremendously when she is gone.

Please pray for Yagaso that the light of Christ will break into her world.

Thanks to Emerson and Miriam Keung for this latest photograph of Yagaso aka ‘One Tooth’

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